What is BALANCE - Enjoyment in motion?

BALANCE - Enjoyment in motion (German: BALANCE - bewegter Genuss) is a one-year Fitness- and Nutrition program in theory and practise for people who suffer from Diabetes type 1 or 2, high blood pressure or obesity.

BALANCE is not a program to make people skinny or slim. It is meant to make people healthier. Based on blood work data, medication, nutrition and leisure behavior Dr. Ashry teaches every participant how to change their life. It is a lifestyle program. It is not only about losing weight. It is more about the Balance between body fat and muscular mass with the help of which you can grow old healthy and with enjoyment.

Did you know that every third American suffers from the metabolic syndrome?

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Robert saved 95% of his medication costs after only one year!

All of us want to spend our hard earned money for the beautiful things in life, right? We don't want to spend it on medication or other things we could avoid. Robert is 51 years old and suffered from obesity. He took 11 meds every day! After one year he was able to reduce the amount to only one med! He saves 95% of his costs every year. We are glad and proud that Robert is healthier now and spends his money for the beautiful things. Think about how much you spend and if you want to change your lifestyle too. We promise... it is worth it.

      before: € 1,389.08 (approx. 1,590 USD) a year
      after: € 68.08 (approx. 77 USD) a year

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